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Jessica went to the Recovering Hope meeting to support her son, who was the "one with the addiction problem". But after a few weeks she saw her need was just as great as her son's. The things that we run to instead of Christ may be vastly different, but we all run to things before we run to God.


Its amazing how different my life is! Jesus didn't just save me and help me become sober. Because of His transforming grace, my life is being restored every single day.


We all remember the first time we met Diana at the Recovering Hope meeting. Weighed down by shame, she sat with her head low. "But love refused to let her story end that way." 


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Jessica and Carlos walked into the church and found a seat. They had never been to a Recovering Hope meeting, but Jessica did not seem nervous. Jessica was very put together. The first thing she said after introducing herself: “I am here for my son Carlos, who is an addict, not me.” “I don’t have that problem. We don’t have the same struggles,” are common thoughts in the mind of the non-addict. Jessica spoke quite a bit at their first meeting, but always pointed it back to her son. Carlos was the one with the problem. Carlos was the one with fear and anxiety that led to addiction.


Jessica and Carlos returned the next week. Jessica had a journal and pen with the homework from the previous week’s meeting. This week though, Jessica did not push her son to answer the questions. She sat thoughtfully, pondering the discussion and reflecting on the scriptures shared. This time, Jessica spoke more about God than her son, Carlos. Her focus had shifted a little more on Christ.


The following week, Carlos and Jessica were faithful to return to the meeting. The topic of discussion was fear. The leader asked the group what fears they had that caused them to doubt God. Jessica admitted a struggle of her own - she was afraid her son Carlos would die from his addiction. This is a very real and warranted fear. No one in the room, not even her son, could tell her that would never happen. Jessica saw a fear in herself that showed she did not trust God in this area. She was not focused on her son anymore because she saw her need was just as great as Carlos’ need.


Jessica began attending Recovering Hope meetings to support, or perhaps enforce, Carlos and his involvement. However, Jessica saw that the same struggles Carlos had, she had as well. They both have idols, as we all do, that keep them from fully encountering the peace and freedom God has to offer through Christ. The things that we run to instead of Christ may be vastly different, but we all run to things before we run to God. That is the beautiful thing about the Recovering Hope meeting - and about God’s mercy. It is for everyone.

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