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A 5 part series about God, the gospel and how Jesus gives hope for change

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Join Pastor Trey and Grace as they discuss the basics of the gospel and how it informs all we do. From Creation, to sin entering the world, to God’s rescue plan in Jesus Christ - His death and resurrection, and what to do while we await his return.

Beginning Hope:

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Beginning Hope:


In this video, Grace connects with an old family friend, Pastor Trey. She explains that she has tried everything available to her, yet she still feels empty, like something is missing. Trey asks if she is willing to talk about God and how He is the answer to her sorrow.

Beginning Hope:

Creation - Where it all Began

In the first part to this video series, Pastor Trey introduces Grace to the first book of the Bible - Genesis, and explains that God created everything we see. He created Adam, then Eve, “and it was very good.” However Adam and Eve were visited by a serpent, who tempted them to distrust God. Then everything changed.

Beginning Hope:

The Fall - The Curse of Sin

In the second part of this video series, Trey talks about how sin entered the world and what that means for all of us now. Grace tries to understand what sin is and why it's bad. But God didn’t leave us alone. He had a plan to rescue us from sin.

Beginning Hope:

The Life and Death of Jesus - God's Rescue Plan

In the third part of this video series, Trey and Grace discuss the life and death of Jesus Christ. He was born as a human, but still fully God. God’s rescue plan is seen through Jesus life and death. But the story doesn’t end there, Jesus didn’t stay dead.

Beginning Hope:

The Resurrection

In the fourth part of the video series, Grace asks, what happened after Jesus was crucified? The gospel wouldn’t be good news unless Jesus came back to life. What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for us today?

Beginning Hope:

New Life

In the final installlment of this video series, Trey and Grace review all they've talked about and discuss how the gospel informs how to live. Grace asks how she can continue to learn about God and Trey expresses the necessity of being a part of a local church for a growing relationship with God.

Special Thanks

Pastor Trey Richardson, Center Church Gilbert
Grace Beck, By Grace Media
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Center Church Gilbert
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