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Hope Badge Resources

All of these resources can be found throughout the website, but we compiled them in one place specifically for you! Whether you are a Community of Hope or Beacon of Hope, you will benefit from this material.

Recovering Hope

The Recovering Hope meeting is unlike other support groups you have tried. Recovering Hope is a small group type setting where anyone struggling with addiction/sin patterns or the loved ones of those struggling, those suffering or those who just need some extra support can find encouragement and practical help. The meeting is completely scripture based and gospel centered, and focuses on how God and the gospel applies to our every day lives and addictions. 

Holiday Survival.gif

Holiday Survival Devotions

While the holidays are a time of celebration for many, they can evoke depression and sadness for others. Fight the temptation to use drugs or alcohol, isolate, binge food or TV during the holiday season with these short, interactive devotionals. Anchored in scripture and reinforced with worship music and practical prayers, this program was designed to help you turn to Jesus in times of trouble.

Written and Audio Resources

Perspective and guidance can make all the difference, even if circumstances don't change. These articles, blog posts and sermons will help you think about God, yourself, your addiction, or your loved one's addiction properly.

Reading and Exercises


Failure: Mark 14Rich Richardson
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Jesus Pursues Sinners to free them_Rich RichardsonRich Richardson
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