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Part of Hope for Addiction since 2014
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In January 2014 I was a young mother with a newborn and newly out of rehab. I had been isolated for over a year which meant I didn't know where to turn. I knew I didn't want to continue in active addiction, and I also knew somewhere deep inside that would be my future if God didn't intervene. Thankfully, He did through Hope for Addiction and the woman who championed the cause, Liz Beck. Liz helped me feel comforted, assured, understood and loved. I remember feeling a sense of hope and a feeling that I was being guided in those early days. I just kept going to see her. I just kept connecting. Soon, I began attending Center Church where I felt even more of a sense of guidance and hope. The church family held and loved me, my daughter, and her father deeply. I was encouraged by the weekly recovery meetings where we discussed biblical principles that applied to our experiences in addiction and life. I found hope and connection in hearing other peoples' stories and in sharing mine. We all just needed a safe place to belong, and the Hope for Addiction meeting provided that. I began the slow trudge into my own story of redemption with Divine intervention.

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Through some of the darkest moments, Hope for Addiction was there for me. In August 2014, I faced the tragic death of my partner. Hope for Addiction and Center Church cared for our family in meaningful ways. I know this was a divinely inspired connection and community, sent to keep me alive. As I grieved and grew in my faith, and navigated motherhood for the first time; Hope for Addiction meetings and discipleship continued to be an important part of my life, my recovery and sobriety. In 2018, I married my husband whom I met through Center Church. We will celebrate 6 years of marriage in February 2024. We moved to Washington and we've built a beautiful blended family including 4 daughters that we adore. I am endlessly grateful for Hope for Addiction and Center Church - specifically Liz Beck for mothering me, loving me, protecting me... and to the God of the universe who took an interest in my life, who noticed my pain and sent warriors to rescue me.

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