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Part of Hope for Addiction since 2013
Impactful Moments

My addiction almost took my life, literally. God rescued me but I needed help on how to live. I was unable to make decisions for myself, even the most basic decisions were overwhelming, and I didn’t know how to live. Being a part of Hope for Addiction gave me a place to belong, people who helped me understand life and my struggles biblically and how to make God honoring decisions. My mentors at Hope for Addiction helped me understand how the gospel helps me in my struggle with PTSD. After several years, I was able to successfully apply scripture and I no longer need medication for anxiety.

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October-December 2012

hope for addiction
celebrate recovery
hope for addiction

January 2013

I’ve been giving back as a donor since the launch in December 2013. Hope for Addiction has done so much for me and continues to help me through hearing stories of God’s work in others and seeing people finding real freedom. This encourages me to keep looking to the Lord and not get caught up in my own trials. After years being trapped in the hopelessness of my addiction, I didn’t think freedom was possible. Now, twelve years after God miraculously saved my life, I continue to see the work of Jesus to mature me, to free me and give me hope. Two years ago I was married, something I never imagined could happen. I am thankful to the Lord for the work he has done in me.

Note:  In this video John refers to the founding name of Hope for Addiction. Our name changed in 2017 to more clearly identify our mission.

A Decade More

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