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A new home for single moms and kids is set to open at the beginning of April!

If you're thinking, “whoa, where did that news come from?” you are not alone! So many different pieces “fell” into place in a few short months, with impeccable timing. Sometimes God does things that remind us He is in complete control, and how we all are just vessels for His plan.


The Story

The Need:

Freedom House opened in 2019, with the goal of helping single moms rebuild their lives after addiction. The need for long-term, transitional homes for moms to live with their kids was apparent and increasing. In 2021, Hope for Addiction expanded Freedom House to serve more than twice as many women and children, going from serving 2 families to 7 women plus children. With additional space came more families into the home at more frequent rates. The new families had (normal) instability that created some destabilization for the families that were working hard to accomplish their goals and keep forward momentum. If families could spend a few months getting grounded, the transition to Freedom House would be easier for everyone. The need for a smaller, short-term intake house for families in more crisis situations became clear. However, a new home is a huge undertaking and the organization's resources were currently used to run Freedom House and the church equipping program…


The Grant:

As part of a legal settlement, the State of Arizona was given almost two million dollars to award to organizations that have proven effective in helping those who struggle with opioid abuse. There were many grant applicants, among them were well known charities like the Phoenix Rescue Mission, Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, Phoenix Dream Center and more. We applied for this grant and God showed us that when He has a plan, amazing things happen. Hope for Addiction received a substantial grant, and we cannot deny He is paving the way for a new shelter. The next step was a tough one - find a landlord who was willing to rent a home for families in crisis… 


Danielle C

Danielle lived at the original Freedom House with her son. Now she is married, serving women in need and sharing the hope she found in Christ. Danielle’s mentor Rachele and Rachele's husband Jim had a desire to care for hurting women, which led them to buy a home to support them. Danielle helped at the home and mentored the women living there. Tragically, Rachele suddenly passed away last fall. Danielle wanted to continue helping at the home, but was concerned about the responsibility of running a whole program on her own. She started talking to Liz about partnership options. Shortly after, Hope for Addiction received the grant. Jim’s desire to honor his wife’s vision to help women, and Hope for Addiction’s need for a home with an understanding landlord made this a God-ordained partnership. Next, we needed staff for what will be Liberty House…


Danielle S

Most of you probably know Danielle S. We have talked about her and featured her in many newsletters. That is because her story is incredible and highlights the transformation that is possible through the gospel. Danielle has been stable, independent and sharing the hope of Christ for several years now. She constantly ministers to the people around her and is able to graciously confront those in her life when needed. Danielle is humble and her confidence comes from Christ’s work on the cross. Liz approached Danielle about the home and asked if she would be interested in running it. Danielle took some time to think about it, as it would be a huge adjustment for her and her two boys. She is ready to step out in faith and slowly pursue a transition into a staff role at Liberty House over the next several months. Until full time staff is in place, God has provided others to fill the hours required to run the program, including Danielle C, Danielle S and a few volunteers. Now, Liberty House needed a live-in person…



Diana has been living in Freedom House for nearly two years. Christ’s love for her has transformed her into a new person. Diana has worked hard and trusted God with her life - the real measure of success at Freedom House. Because of her changed heart and life, she started her exit plan in January with no idea where she was going to live when she left Freedom House. But she was clinging to the promise that God had a plan for her life. Then talks of Liberty House started. Diana seemed to be the perfect option for live-in staff. She understands the struggles, loves Jesus and in search of a new home. Isn’t it amazing how God works so many things together and we often do not see what is happening until it all comes together? 



None of this would be possible without your support. In order to even be considered for this grant, Hope for Addiction must have steady funding and an effective program. All of this has been possible because of your faithful partnership, the Arizona Tax Credit and your tax credit gifts. The original Freedom House was purchased largely because of the tax credit. Freedom House was able to expand and shelter more than twice as many families because of it. And now, because of you and your AZ tax credit donations, Hope for Addiction is opening a second shelter for moms who need safe shelter to rebuild their lives! Thank you for being a piece of the puzzle that is God’s plan. We are thankful to watch it come together to reveal a stunning picture, with you!

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