These books and more have helped us in our own struggles. We hope they provide comfort and guidance to you as well. Whether you struggle with addiction, or someone you love struggles, this is relevant for you!


There are so many online articles and opinions. The internet is where we get most of our information these day. However much of the content online is not trustworthy. Here are some articles and blogs that we trust. They are based on the gospel and not informed by the secular world.


God has given us everything we need to live godly lives - and has told us how to do so. It takes practice and understanding, though. These studies help you learn about the gospel, what it means for your life, and how to practically apply that knowledge to your struggle, addiction or not.


Worship is an essential part of living out the gospel. God can work in your heart through worship in a beautiful way. These are some of our go to worship songs.


These sermons are from pastors all over the world. They are not addiction specific, but will help you see your addiction and sin in the right way. 


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This section is material created by Hope for Addiction, specifically for addiction. While we believe addiction is a sin struggle and idol worship (for which all of the resources in this library are helpful), this material focuses on how the gospel provides freedom from substance abuse and other addictions. 

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