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Welcome to the Hope for Addiction Community!

Thank you for joining the team! You are part of something special. Your partnership brings HOPE FOR ADDICTION, equips and cares for those who struggle in the darkness of addiction. Every day, people learn HOW to live free from substances and find lasting change because of your faithful giving.

The culture says, “people are ‘sick’ with a disease,” “no one understands their problem,” and “they will always be an addict or alcoholic.” However, the good news is that change IS possible. Addiction is not an identity, and we help people not just experience sobriety, but freedom. 

Your Partnership makes ALL this and more happen every day:

Recovering Hope

This unique meeting equips people who struggle in addiction with practical tools and gospel application for everyday life. Currently, partner churches across Arizona, Wisconsin and Florida have Recovering Hope Meetings led by their leadership teams. 

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Resources and Training through a free toolkit for local churches equips pastors and church leaders to provide effective, biblical care for struggling addicts. Join us at a training to understand areas of sin, addiction and living in the freedom of Christ. 


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Attend a training: Contact us for dates

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Freedom House

A home for single moms and kids that provides a safe place to live, allows families to stay together, and keeps kids out of foster care. Freedom House provides all of the support needed for families to rebuild their lives, find freedom, and become self-sufficient and independent. We currently have one house in Chandler, Arizona. 

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Curriculum guides leaders as they walk alongside meeting attenders who desire deeper accountability beyond the Recovering Hope meetings. Experienced staff members write curriculum that gives practical help for lasting change.


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Try one of the worksheets and experience how practical and applicable the studies are for your own life.  Sample here

Danielle's story

There are many ways to get involved and make a greater impact

Image by Sincerely Media


That first night at the Hope for Addiction meeting, I sat in my ‘out the door seat’ and just listened. I heard beauty. I watched hope. Approximately 20 men and women walking through life together with their eyes clearly set on God. This was unlike anything I had ever encountered in the recovery world. I knew this was a special gift from God. These people were applying God's Word, sharing victories and struggles. The best part was pretty much everyone had a Bible open. When I left that night, I left with hope.

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