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subdstance abuse and mental health

"Correcting our lack of serotonin was supposed to cure the sadness. It was a simple explanation that all of us could understand. The only problem with it was a lack of proof."

In this article, Charles Hodges provides scientific research and  suggestions for biblical care for those who suffer from depression.

"God’s vision for the personal ministry of the Word requires that counselors be unafraid of waging war against the prevailing anti-Christian or sub-Christian philosophies that diminish Christ and strip the gospel of the offense of the cross and, consequently, limit its power to transform lives. Therefore, we must resist the integration of worldly psychology into Christian theology because it conceals Christ and undermines faith in the sufficiency of the Word of God for life and godliness."

substance abuse and mental health
substance abuse and  mental health
The Wisdom of the Cross Is Infinitely Superior to the Wisdom of Psychology, Pt 2

 "...the more the church seeks solutions to soul care needs by integrating theology with psychology, the farther we drift from the God of truth and undermine the work of the Spirit, who is committed to working through the Word."

"What types of thoughts could be categorized as “unwanted?” Why isn’t the thought-change process as easy or automatic as we wish it would be? What helpful questions can we ask ourselves as we seek to know and examine our unwanted thoughts? Why is learning to pray our unwanted thoughts to God a critical part of the overall thought-change process? Why is it important to “disentangle” where our unwanted thoughts come from and where they are taking us? What does it mean to “repair” our thoughts and what are three biblically-faithful components of working through that process?"

substance abuse and mental health
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