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Meet our Team



Liz Beck

Certified Biblical Counselor, ACBC
​Certified Addictions Biblical Counselor, ACBC

Commissioned Addictions Counselor, The Addiction Connection

This is about God’s work of redemption... in me, in you and in those who feel trapped in addiction.


The heartaches of life led me to life-altering moments and had it not been for my faith in God and the care of my church family, I don’t know where I would be. My family was broken and I was near hopeless. Addiction destroys more than just the addict. It can destroy family members too. 


Devastating circumstances continued and ended in the failure of my marriage and then the overdose death of my husband. My world seemed to be spinning out of control. The following five years were the darkest of my life. Being anchored in scripture, having the love of my church and the grace of God , I had hope. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure I would survive the onslaught of trials and loss after devastating loss. But God is faithful and he sustained me, met me in my need and revealed even more of his goodness.

My heart is to help struggling addicts meet Jesus and teach practical application of scripture to both inform right thinking and teach what it means to walk in the light and follow Christ. 

See full bio and personal testimony video here



Liz Beck, President
Founder, Hope for Addiction


Cynthia Wright, Treasurer
Certified Public Accountant

Rich Richardson, Secretary
Pastor, Center Church Gilbert
​The Gospel Coalition Arizona Steering Committee

Jamie Self, Member
​Director, JSM
Pastor, Grace Church Peoria


Glenn Kees, Member
Principal Software Engineer

Ricky Lee Aulds, Member
​Pastor, Mercy Hill Church Phoenix

David Mataya, Member

Pastor, Redeemer Bible Church Giolbert

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