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gospel centered
scripture based Program for churches

Hope for Addiction is a gospel-centered, scripture-based program partnering with local churches to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those struggling with addiction. Our program is not based on “steps” or “checklists” but solely on the practical application of God’s Word, lived out daily (2 Peter 1:3). Integration into the local church, living in community and walking life together within a local body of believers is crucial for those rebuilding their lives free from addiction.

As an Associate partner church, you will be trained and equipped to walk alongside and care for people with addictions. We offer a free toolkit, but churches ready to start a full addictions ministry, will be supplied with everything needed to start and run a weekly recovery program including meeting lessons, discipleship tools and on-going training for effective ministry.

Our program does not require lengthy preparation. The materials are easy to follow and implement. Our mission is to support and equip local churches for ministry and to assist pastors and lay leaders with resources and tools for effective ministry.


  • Articles 

  • Training videos

  • Discipleship curriculum

  • Practical application of biblical truth

  • Equipping for effective ministry to struggling addicts

Get Started

get started


Have a desire, readiness

If your church desires to launch a gospel centered addictions ministry and is ready to welcome hurting people into your congregation, contact us for more information. We will train you and provide all the materials needed to start your own addictions ministry.



Submit partnership application

When you are ready to begin and believe that Hope for Addiction is the right fit for your church, please submit the Church Application. Applications are reviewed and voted upon by the Hope for Addiction Board of Directors. A phone interview with the supervising pastor may be requested.


Begin leaders meeting/promos

One month prior to the launch, we suggest meeting with your leadership team to practice and become familiar with the flow and structure of the meeting, taking time to pray for those who will be coming to the meeting.


Launch Recovering Hope!

The night you have been working toward for months has finally arrived! With prayerful anticipation, begin your addictions ministry. After your group is running for three to four months, our staff will connect with your team to discuss challenges and successes, providing support and tools for effective ministry, and rejoice in God's work.


Build your team

Identify leaders in your church with a heart to walk alongside and disciple those who struggle with addiction. Criteria for leading may not be what you expect. Experience in addiction is not necessary, we will train you. Maturity in Christ and gospel application for real life is most important.


Training and resources

Our staff provides in-person training to prepare your church and get you started. ​On-going training is available and encouraged.

You will receive login credentials to access all the Recovering Hope meeting materials, as well as access to the entire church toolkit.


Resources/Launch Plan

We will work together to promote your meeting. A special toolkit is available for your social media team to promote your ministry.  Artwork for signage and other branding resource and invitation cards are provided .


See God's work

As people connect with you through the meeting, they are invited into deeper discipleship and integration into your church family. Discipleship resources assist leaders in effective discussion and application of God's Word for daily living. Celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit to change lives!




If you are connecting with struggling addicts within your church, you have already started! You can access all of the resources in the Church Toolkit in a couple of minutes.

Partnering with Hope for Addiction as an Associate, gives you the full Recovering Hope program including weekly meetings, and takes a little longer to get started. There are some strategic things that need to happen, so it can take some time. If you streamline the process, you could be up and running in a few months. Usually the process takes 6-12 months. If you have someone keeping the ball rolling and the church is ready, three months is a good expectation.


You get the Church Toolkit, plus the entire Recovering Hope program. This includes:

  • free use of marketing materials and messaging (a specific marketing toolkit has been prepared to make it easy to promote your addictions ministry

  • the Recovering Hope meeting materials (lesson guides, growth assignments and handouts

  • customized training

  • one on one guidance and consulting

  • access to the Hope for Addiction network of churches and resources from care organizations (including CCEF articles, additional training materials, specialized curriculum)

  • and more


Associate Partners pay an annual subscription cost of $1,000 (paid one-time or monthly). This cost provides all you need to start and run the Recovering Hope program and on-going support from our team.


To get started with the Recovering Hope program, initial training is done in-person and is a Friday evening and all day Saturday schedule. You may invite as many people as you want from within your church and community. Training is interactive and teaches how to run and lead the recovery meeting, how to transition from the meeting to discipleship, best practices, practical addiction related application, case studies and more. On-going training is available online through the Church Toolkit. We encourage your team to utilize the training resources to keep your team growing in effective addictions ministry.


Training is done by Trey Richardson, pastor at Center Church Gilbert (ACBC Certified Counselor and Trainer at ACBC Training Center), our founder, Liz Beck (ACBC certified Biblical Counselor, ACBC certified Addictions Biblical Counselor & Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor) or other members of our leadership team.

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