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Liz Beck

Founder/President, Hope for Addiction

Certified Biblical Counselor, ACBC
​Certified Addictions Biblical Counselor, ACBC

Commissioned Addictions Counselor, The Addiction Connection

Liz Beck is the president and founder of Hope for Addiction, as well as conference speaker, trainer and curriculum writer.
Throughout her adult life, addiction affected her in profound ways. Her marriage and family were destroyed due to a husband who struggled with addiction. During those dark years, however, Liz did not feel alone or hopeless due to her faith and relationship with God and the loving care of her church. Her pastors and loyal friends did not abandon her or shy away from the mess of her family’s life. These experiences were the catalyst and model for what Hope for Addiction is today.
Three years after the launch of Hope for Addiction, another addiction related tragedy hit home with Liz and her family. Her ex-husband died from prescription drug overdose, and the utter darkness of addiction threatened to take her out. However, once again, the strong web of relationship within her church and close friends allowed her to walk through those dark days and months, and continue to be strong and live life in spite of the pain.
Addictions programs are around every corner, however there are few options for people once they are out of rehab and needing to pick up the pieces of their broken life. How does someone actually live in sobriety and freedom? How do people live after the devastation of addiction? Literally learning to live life again. Liz realized through her dark times that addicts and their families need help in the midst of the hard times to walk through life, find hope, and learn how to live in freedom. Liz believes the church is meant to be this community. However, churches need to be equipped with how to help, which is where Hope for Addiction comes in by partnering with them to understand how to help addicts and the messiness of their lives. Hope for Addiction has continually shown that freedom can truly come to addicts and their families.
February 2019 was another one of those monumental moments for Hope for Addiction. In response to the great need of single moms, recovering from a life of addiction or the effects of addiction on their lives from others, and their children, Liz once again pushed through opposition and the stigma of “you can’t do this”, and opened Freedom House. Freedom House provides long-term transition support for at-risk families. Through her own struggles as a single mom, Liz understood what struggling families needed from a safe place to live to all the services needed to learn to live life in freedom and stability. Liz plans on continuing to open more of these homes throughout Arizona and the United States.
Liz is not only leading this charge, but she is also speaking out and getting involved in the community to build awareness. Since the launch of Hope for Addiction, she has become a Certified Biblical Counselor and Certified Addictions Biblical Counselor through Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. She is also a Commissioned Addictions Counselor through The Addiction Connection. From 2016-2019, she served on the Chandler/Gilbert Substance Use Coalition and in 2017 organized and led the Faith Leaders Subcommittee for the coalition. In 2017, she also served on the Planning Committee for the Gilbert, Arizona iRun4Good Event. She also is a part of the following associations: The Addiction Connection and Fallen Soldiers March.
Liz is an accomplished speaker and trainer. In February 2016, she spoke at the Behavioral Health and Substance Use Education Clinic presented by Gilbert Mayor John Lewis. Liz was a breakout speaker at the February 2019 Mental Illness and Addictions Conference with author and speaker, Dr. Edward T. Welch of Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. At The Addiction Connection Summit in November 2019, she was a panel discussion speaker.
Hope for Addiction and Liz have been featured in multiple media articles and features, including in the East Valley Tribune and AZ Central. The success of Hope for Addiction is creating awareness of the need for post-rehab addiction programs that actually help people stay sober and live life free of addictions.
Another major role that Liz plays at Hope for Addiction is curriculum writer. Each Hope for Addiction meeting is conducted with meaning, purpose and direction. That direction comes in the form of a curriculum written by Liz. She also writes training manuals and materials for training churches (pastors and leaders) and individuals to care for struggling addicts.
Liz Beck is the real deal and cares about the complete person. She is a leader among leaders and a friend and source of hope to the addict. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona and has two adult children, Grace and Robert. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending quality time with her kids and friends.

​The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

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