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Hope for addiction
Someone I love struggles with addiction

addiction affects
more than an addict

Do you know someone who struggles with addiction?

We are here to help.

Loving someone through their addiction is hard. His/her trials and suffering can overshadow your own. We know that no matter how badly you want to help, you cannot force an addict to change. The tendency is to do the hard work for your loved one or friend, and solve his/her problems. You are not alone. These resources will help you process your own suffering and sinful responses, and will also equip you to walk with someone you love who struggles. Our hope is that these resources will encourage and embolden you to seek Christ in the midst of despair. 

Consider joining us at a Recovering Hope meeting for support and encouragement. Our meeting is different and is helpful for both struggling addicts and their loved ones. The meeting does not separate “addict” from “sober person" and creates a loving environment where people from all walks of life encourage and help each other.  FIND A MEETING


We are working on more resources to help you as you walk with your loved one in various points in their addiction journey. For now, here are some encouraging articles and community resources to help.

How the Prodigal Son Helps us Think About an Addict
Is Addiction Recovery Possible?
Rehab, Detox and Community Resources
psalm 13 devotional
mental health, chemical imbalances
familys of addicts,  Dave Harvey, Paul Gilbert
Jesus pursues Sinners - Sermon from Center Church Gilbert
Jesus Pursues Sinners to free them_Rich RichardsonArtist Name
00:00 / 37:16
Failure - Sermon from Center Church Gilbert
Failure_Rich RichardsonArtist Name
00:00 / 40:01
Scripture promises, hope for addiction
Pack of 30 Scripture Promise cards.
Front = Scripture; Back = Sample prayer.

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