Operation: Recovering Hope

Monthly Partnership with Hope for Addiction through Operation: Recovering Hope. Those who accept this mission are an elite force of individuals called "Agents of Hope." Join the force as an Agent of Hope and receive a briefing packet, which has your Agent ID Card, Field Journal, Writing Stylus, Armor Cards and Fuel Vessel (Picture of briefing packet to the left). Your monthly donation makes it possible to reach struggling addicts all over the world! 


Be an
178 partners giving $29 a month

Your mission, should you feel called to accept it: 

Bring hope to suffering addicts

INFILTRATE the church with hope for addiction:

Expand Recovering Hope Meetings to reach more people with the hope of Christ. Recovering Hope Meetings help addicts understand their addiction properly and provide the support and practical help to be free from substances.

. Learn more about the Recovering Hope program here

RECRUIT others to join the mission:

Train new and existing leaders for effective ministry

Churches access a free toolkit for articles, videos, resources and more. Learn about how we partner with churches to reach struggling addicts around the world here

DECIPHER the Bible:

Create and publish Recovering Hope Meeting curriculum and mentorship materials that make life changing truths practical and easy to understand

A growing library of blogs, articles and resources help addicts and their family members, as well as educate church leaders. Read some here


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