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Find Freedom from Addiction

addiction is not your identity

Hope for Addiction is different. We are a community walking together through the struggles of everyday life. You aren't alone. Join us and learn HOW to live free from substances. There is hope, and lasting change is possible. You may be lost in the hopelessness of your addiction but you don't have to stay there and you don't have to be alone. Join us today at a Recovering Hope meeting and start your journey to freedom.

We want to walk with you as you start your new life!

Recovery Meeting near me:

Our goal is to serve one another well and walk alongside those who are struggling with the addiction.


Join us and see what a life of freedom looks like! This group is here to offer Gospel hope within a Christ-centered community... For He alone is our power and peace.

Recovery Meeting Team

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm


701 Rivard St.

Somerset, WI 54025

Starting over is hard. Suffering is overwhelming. Where do you start? If you're trying to overcome hurt or you feel trapped, we have a safe place for you. Connect with us today to find help overcoming your struggles.

Recovering Hope meetings are real conversations about real life, real pain and suffering. 

Recovery Meeting in Somerset, WI

Somerset is a village in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, along the Apple River.  It is country living located in one of the fastest growing counties in Wisconsin.

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