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How Hope for Addiction Equips the Church

Our mission is to equip the church with a gospel-centered and biblically defined solution to the problem of addiction and confidently enter into care for struggling addicts.


Gospel Centered

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Gospel Centered

What do we mean by gospel-centered? Gospel-Centrality is the belief that the good news of Jesus Christ is not just the means to get saved, but must remain central in all areas of the Christian life. When we use the term gospel centered, we are referring to the gospel as the good news that through Christ, God saves sinners. Belief in the gospel saves sinners AND remains central to the life of believers as they continuously grow and mature in their faith.  When the gospel remains central in the life of Christians, it results in ever increasing understanding of the “truths of the gospel,” leading to “gospel shaped thinking” that then leads to “conduct that is in line with the gospel.” 


Hope for Addiction helps the local church make biblical, gospel truth practical and relevant to the struggling addict. No matter where you find yourself in your care for addicts, Hope for Addiction has resources for you!


Church Toolkit

We have a growing library of resources that are FREE for churches. These resources include:

  1. articles about how to think biblically about addiction and addiction care (ex. How the Prodigal Son helps us think about Caring for Addicts, Someone in my church is Addicted, Now what? What is MAT?)

  2. resources (ex. 90 day accountability plan, discipleship based treatment centers)

  3. Discipleship curriculum

  4. training videos (both biblical and practical, ex. Biblical counseling foundational training, Crisis Care, How to view success in addiction ministry)


Discipleship curriculum is available for download. Leader Guides provide notes that help the average church member who has no knowledge of addiction to ask questions and bring biblical answers to the real struggles of life and addiction.

Register for the toolkit here


As you care for struggling addicts in your church and community, our team is available to strategize a care plan to care for the unique needs of the church and those in need. You have all that you need to enter into messy situations, our team will simply help you put the pieces together. You can be confident to bring biblical care to hurting people. Email Liz to schedule

Full Recovery/Addiction Ministry

For churches who desire a more formal addictions ministry, we also have a full recovery meeting and discipleship program, Recovering Hope. Recovering Hope meetings are simple, guided conversations to educate people about their real condition, offer the solution found in Jesus and engage in honest discussion about HOW to apply gospel truth to the everyday struggles of life. The discussion guides are written in a conversational manner, so prep time is minimal, allowing time for leaders to spend with people outside of the recovery meeting. The Recovering Hope meeting is designed to be a safe entry to full integration into the local church body.


The full addictions ministry program has an annual subscription, which includes all of the discussion guides (see sample), homework handouts, meeting specific training, curriculum, social media promotions and a 30 day launch plan, as well as on-going training and support from our team.


The Recovering Hope meeting is helpful for anyone, no matter the addiction struggle. Because we address the root issue, the heart, our meeting is applicable for family members, or anyone with suffering. Jessica is the mom of a struggling addict who found help at Recovering Hope.

Jessica and Carlos walked into the church and found a seat. They had never been to a recovering hope meeting, but Jessica did not seem nervous. Jessica was very put together - nice clothes, combed, washed hair and a nice smile. The first thing she said after introducing herself, “I am here for my son Carlos, who is an addict, not me.” It’s understandable. Especially at a recovery meeting, it’s natural to want to distinguish yourself from the addict. “I don’t have that problem. We don’t have the same struggles,” are common thoughts in the mind of the non-addict. Jessica spoke quite a bit during the meeting. However, she always pointed it back to her son, Carlos. Carlos was the one with the problem. Carlos was the one with fear and anxiety that led to addiction. Jessica and Carlos took the homework and stayed after the meeting to talk. They both seemed engaged and excited to get to know the group.


Jessica and Carlos returned the next week. Jessica had a journal and pen, with the homework from the previous week’s meeting. Glasses on, Jessica was prepared. This week though, she didn’t push her son, Carlos to answer the questions. She sat thoughtfully, pondering the discussion and reflecting on the words. This time, she spoke more about God than her son. Jessica talked about how in God, we have everything we need. We are created in the image of God and He loves us. Jessica’s focus had shifted a little bit.


The following week, Carlos and Jessica were faithful to return to the meeting. The topic of discussion was fear. The leader asked the group what fears they had that caused them to doubt God. Jessica admitted a struggle of her own - she was afraid her son Carlos would die from his addiction. This is a very real and warranted fear. No one in the room, not even her son, could tell her that would never happen. Jessica saw a fear in herself that showed she did not trust God in this area. Jessica was not focused on her son anymore because she saw her need was just as great as Carlos’ need.


Jessica started attending Recovering Hope meetings to support, or perhaps enforce, Carlos and his involvement. However, Jessica saw that the same struggles Carlos had, Jessica had as well. They both have idols - as do we all - that keep them from fully encountering the peace and freedom God has to offer through Christ. The things that we run to instead of Christ may be vastly different, but we all run to things before we run to God. That is the beautiful thing about the Recovering Hope meeting - and about God’s mercy. It is for everyone. 


Hope for Addiction enhances ministry already happening in your church

No matter what your church is already doing or desires to do to care for the hurting, Hope for Addiction will support you! Some of our training is basic biblical counseling training and is beneficial for all of your church leaders in any ministry and in their own lives. While we are your go to for all things addiction, we actually address heart issues, which are universal. Therefore Hope for Addiction training is applicable and beneficial for everyone who struggles against sin. 


One of our partner churches, Mercy Hill Church in downtown Phoenix, has been running a Recovering Hope meeting for over four years. God used the Hope for Addiction training they received, the support and relationship with Hope for Addiction, to lead them to start a biblical counseling ministry in their church. The gospel is the only lasting solution and offering biblical counseling is a way to serve their community with gospel hope. 


Hope for Addiction is set up to come alongside your church. Rather than make you fit into our program’s model, we want to support you in your current ministry. Our team is available to strategize care for a specific individual or family, develop a plan to start a full addictions ministry, pray for you or simply provide resources like books, studies or exercises to help you think through addiction and the gospel. We are here for you, to support you in what God has called you to do.



Get started:

  1. Register for the toolkit here!

  2. If you are ready to start a full addictions ministry:

    1. Complete the partnership application here

    2. Our Board will approve or contact you for a phone conversation

    3. Build your team (a recruitment package is available in the toolkit)

    4. Set up a time for training and develop a launch plan (a 30 day launch plan helps with action steps for a successful launch)

    5. Start your addictions ministry and see what God does!


We have spent much time developing an online “hub” for all of the material we provide. It is designed to make hosting Recovering Hope meetings and your addictions ministry as simple as possible. We know you are busy pastors and ministry leaders, and we desire to streamline this system to better support you. In addition to the toolkit, we are creating a library not only of Hope for Addiction copyrighted material, but also books, blogs, articles and sermons that our staff have found helpful. The gospel is the only solution to addiction, through a growing relationship with Christ.

Gospel Centered
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