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Help us recruit more agents like you!

We are on a mission to find 15 (or more)
New Agents of Hope.

A Message for Current Agents

As a current Agent of Hope you have the opportunity to multiply our team of active agents through recruitment. 

The mission: Find more people like you!
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Current Agents

The Toolbox

A Secret Message & Decoder Pen
Use this ready-to-go message to reach out to people you know. Send your communique through your preferred communications portal such as: email, text, social message, postcard, skywriting* or morse code. 
Secret Tag 
Like the bat signal - only less electricity. Create a movement by using these emblems on your personal social media accounts to recruit others to this mission. 
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substance abuse
New here?
That means someone invited you to be our next Agent of Hope!
It is no accident that you are here. Someone of great impact in this world has identified you as our next Agent of Hope. They have vouched for your tenacity, grit and overflowing faith. We are grateful that they've brought you here and introduced us. 

We have an urgent mission: due to a grant match, we are seeking 15 new Agents of Hope to join us. You have the power to turn $29 into $10,000. 

Will you accept this mission?
New Agents
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