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Equipping Churches for Gospel Centered Addiction Ministry

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In March, twenty-two people from eleven churches joined us for our annual Equip Conference. Most in attendance were new to Hope for Addiction, all with a heart to serve the hurting. Four Sessions included:

Bearing Burdens: Trey Richardson

How do we bear the burdens of those with deep suffering and struggles with habitual sin? What is our responsibility, what is theirs, what is God’s?

Strongholds: Rich Richardson

What are strongholds? Are strongholds a factor for those with habitual sin? How does the gospel bring hope?

Gospel Centrality: Jamie Self

How does the gospel bring change for those with deep suffering and habitual sin?

Practical Exercise-Psalm 121: Liz Beck

How do we make scripture practical, applicable and impactful for those with habitual sin and deep suffering? Confidently make scripture practical and effective in daily struggles.

We worked through case studies to apply what was learned and everyone walked away with a better understanding of how to serve the hurting. Here are a few of the comments:

This conference changed my life. I will forever have a different view when speaking and listening to sinners, saints and sufferers! I will not forget what I learned! -Michelle

This was probably the best conference I have been to - the day went by so fast. I took away so much helpful information. -Ron

I learned a great deal from each speaker! -Iris

Hope for Addiction is passionate about equipping the local church in practical and biblical ways. Each session is recorded and added to the Church Toolkit. Since its launch last April, the resources in the toolkit are currently utilized by 250 churches across the world.

Your faithful partnership makes this possible! Thank you for bringing the light and hope of the gospel through equipping the local church.


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