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Maximizing the Arizona Tax Credit: Turning Tax Liability into Something Amazing

Updated: Jan 18

The Arizona Tax Credit is more than just a financial opportunity; it is a pathway for Arizona residents to practice compassion and support those in need, transforming tax liabilities into blessings that extend throughout our communities.

Dollar for dollar, you can determine where your tax liability goes. You owe the money AND you can OWN where it goes!

Understanding the Arizona Tax Credit and How You Can Direct Your Tax Liability to the Causes You Support

Imagine turning your tax credit contribution into a two-fold blessing: a gift for those in need, and reduced liability of the state taxes you owe.

At its core, the Arizona Tax Credit is designed to incentivize donations to qualifying charities and educational programs by offsetting them against your owed state taxes. The process sounds confusing, but is truly very simple: 

  1. Make a donation in a partial or full amount of your state tax liability ($800/couple, $400/single)

  2. Receive a giving receipt from the organization you choose

  3. Provide that receipt with your tax filing and receive dollar-for-dollar credit towards your tax liability

The Arizona Tax credit for Qualified Organizations is available to individuals. Want to donate to more than one organization this year? You can! With The Arizona Tax Credit you don't have to choose between your kids school or Hope for Addiction, you can direct your tax obligations to both. Plus, any excess donated above your liability can boost your refund.  If you don't utilize the full credit amount, you can carry it forward for up to five years.

Benefits of the Arizona Tax Credit

The advantages of this program include: 

  • Reduction in State Tax Liability: Contribute to eligible organizations and reduce the total amount you owe in state taxes.

  • Support for Local Charities and Schools: Directly invest in the welfare of your community by funneling funds into social causes and education systems.

  • Increased State Tax Refund: Get a larger refund if your withholdings exceed your liabilities, thanks to your contributions.

  • Flexibility: You’re not limited to support just one organization; you can donate to multiple eligible parties and claim credits for each.

Let's Address the Common Questions and Misconceptions of the Arizona Tax Credit

There's a myriad of myths and hurdles perceived when it comes to this tax credit:

  • "It's Only for the Wealthy!" : This is far from the case. Regardless of income level, any taxpayer may benefit from this credit when making eligible contributions. 

  • "It's Too Complicated!" : While tax code can be daunting, the process for claiming the Arizona Tax Credit is quite straightforward. Many resources are available to help you claim it with ease.

  • "How does carrying over credit work?" : If your credit surpasses your liability, the remaining sum is not lost. It can be applied to future tax payments over a span of five years.

  • "I can’t support multiple causes!" : Not true! The Arizona Tax Credit allows you to support numerous qualifying organizations in the same tax year.

By incorporating the Arizona Tax Credit in your annual fiscal planning, you will benefit from a reduced tax bill or an enhanced others.

Our Invitation: Include Hope for Addiction in Your Tax Strategy this Year

We extend this invitation not just as a call to action, but as a call to heart. By leveraging the Arizona Tax Credit, you have the power to flow funds into Hope for Addiction—giving a single mother and her children not only a safe home but a new life filled with possibility.

Your tax dollars at Hope for Addiction provides: 

  • Safe home to start a new life

  • Addictions/Trauma counseling

  • Parenting Classes and Individualized Parent Plans with practical application

  • Life Skills

  • and much more, based on individual needs​​

Will you designate your tax liability to us? 

Donations for 2023 tax credit may be made until April 15, 2024. For more information about the Arizona Tax Credit, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue tax credit page.


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